Saturday, November 26, 2005

Here's Santa!

I found this pattern for a stuffed Santa and I thought I'd try it. He turned out very cute (except next time I need to pin the arms before I sew them on; they're hanging a little low).


This is the set of stockings I knit last Christmas. I think they turned out really cute!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Here's me at the Giants game (against the Dodgers and we won!) with my Giants purse. Brian said I looked like I was going trick or treating!

These are the fingerless gloves and hat I made to wear in London. I loved the gloves and wore them quite a bit. (The hat...not so much!)

This is my very first felted bag. I know it's a little silly that it is going up long after all of the other bags!

Here's the up close picture of one of the hearts!

This is the baby blanket I made for my cousin's baby girl, Elizabeth. I made it awhile ago, but I'm just now getting around to putting up the picture!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Go Giants Purse

This is my first ever design. I had to chart out the SF and knit it four times before it came out right. I thought the fun fur at the top gave it a little something extra. I am making an Angels bag (hey, I moved to Southern California and I cannot root for the Dodgers and so I go to a lot of Angels' games!) I am changing the pattern to be more like the Sophie bag. I am knitting the bottom and then knitting in the round. I also think I am going to do fabric straps instead of store-bought handles so it will be more handy at the games. Look for the finished product to be posted soon!
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Inside my Giants Purse

OOPS... Real Inside of My Giants Purse Posted by Hello

Giants Purse Posted by Hello

Bronze Metallic Skinny Scarf Posted by Hello

Black and Silver Skinny Scarf Posted by Hello

Easter Skinny Scarf Posted by Hello

Blue Skinny Spring Scarf

I love these extra thin scarves. I think they are perfect for spring! Posted by Hello

Denim Purse

I love the way this purse turned out! Posted by Hello

Inside the Denim Purse Posted by Hello

Black Felted Hat Posted by Hello

Green Metallic Evening Purse Posted by Hello

Green Metallic Evening Purse Posted by Hello

The Green Metallic Evening Bag Posted by Hello

Inside the gray purse that wouldn't felt Posted by Hello

Gray Purse that wouldn't felt!

This is like the brownish purse. Don't know what happened. Here's the link of what it is supposed to look like:
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Sophie Purse again Posted by Hello

Inside the Sophie Purse Posted by Hello

Sophie Bag

This turned out a lot bigger than I expected. I used the pattern from Magknits. Here's the link: It took a lot longer than expected too- much longer than the buttonhole purses.
Sophie Bag Posted by Hello

Inside the Red Metallic Evening Bag Posted by Hello